Ajahn SumedhoAfter ordaining at the age of 30, VENERABLE LUANG POR SUMEDHO was to be the first western disciple of Luang Por Chah in Wat Nong Pah Pong, Ubon, in North Eastern Thailand. In 1975 Luang Por Chah sent him to a nearby village, Bahn Bung Wai, to establish Wat Pah Nanachat, a monastery that english speaking people could go to in order to study Buddhism and ordain. Two years later, upon the invitation of George Sharp and the English Sangha Trust, Luang Por Chah asked Ajahn Sumedho to go to London. A small but growing community was to spend two years in the Hampstead Vihāra, before moving to West Sussex, to found Chithurst Monastery. Under Ajahn Sumedho's guidance, the community grew steadily. Ajahn Sumedho helped found a number of branch monasteries over the years, both in England and abroad, in countries such as Italy, Switzerland, New-Zealand, U.S.A, Canada,... A few years after living in Chithurst Monastery, he himself moved to establish Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, in Hertfordshire. He lived altogether 34 years in England, travelling regularly back to Thailand to keep in touch with the Sangha there, and all over the world, spreading the Buddha's Teaching.

Having retired from his position as the abbot of Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, Luang Por Sumedho has been living for the last six years in Wat Pah Ratanawan, in Central Thailand. He is now 82 years old, and still makes himself available according to his ability for teaching and encouraging people's interest in the Dhamma.

For further information: https://forestsangha.org/teachings/audio/speakers/ajahn-sumedho