VENERABLE AJAHN VAJIRO, was born in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia in 1953. He studied in England and obtained a degree in Economics in 1974.

In 1979, he met Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho when they made a visit to Hampstead Vihara in Oakenholt, England. In 1979 he left for Thailand and in June 1980 received Upasampada (higher ordination) at Wat Nong Pah Pong .

Ajahn Vajiro returned to England in 1984 and assisted in Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. From 1985 until 1986 he lived in "Harnham Buddhist Monastery", and from 1986 to 1993 lived in "Chithurst Forest Monastery". Between 1993 and 1998 led the community "'Bodhinyanarama" in Wellington, New Zealand. In Australia, near Melbourne lived three years in retreat in the hermitage "Sanghaloka", before returning to Amaravati in 2001 at the invitation of Luang Por Sumedho.

In 2010, Portugal in the group led by Maria Ferreira da Silva, formally invited him to help establish a monastery of the Forest Tradition in Portugal. This invitation came after a few years of their involvement in the project, since, while in Amaravati, Ajahn Vajiro Ajahn Sumedho asked him to assist the group in Portugal, with the creation of the legal framework to support the monks in this country. When he began his involvement in the project, said that he had no intention of moving in to Portugal, however, life is full of surprises and its connection with the Buddhist community Portuguese proved a very fruitful collaboration.

Ajahn Vajiro pledged to lead the initiative for five years. Some of the monks from the Portuguese community Amaravati are part of this development. From the beginning of Vassa, 2012 (July), he has been living in Portugal.

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