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  • Handbook for Mankind

    An overview of all that Buddhism offers humanity. Ajahn Buddhadasa shows how Buddhism responds to human fear, especially of suffering, with a practical system of understanding and discipline. He discusses in detail the nature of that understanding, the attachment it severs, the things we attach to, the way of training, and the progress of insight leading to liberation. The book ends with the stag...

  • The First Ten Years of Suan Mokkh

    “In this book, the author decribes his experiences living alone and later with otherfs during the first decade of Suan Mokkh. He discusses his adjustment to living in a forest monastery, the teaching nature provides, and practical tips for setting up a dhamma center. When first published, it was hailed for both its dhamma and literary value...” ชื่อ The First Ten Years of Suan Mokkh ขนาด 21 x 15 ...


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