VENERABLE BHANTE HOMAGAMA KONDANNA is a Forest Tradition monk in the style of Ajahn Chah and was born in Sri Lanka in 1939, the first of a large family. He was sent by his parents to London to study engineering and acquired a degree in 1962. After a 16 year professional career in London he came to see the futility of the things that entertained him as a lay person. He realized that happiness was a journey with no end and saw that the mookhood provided the best venue for this.

He ordained in 1978 on a barge at high tide on the River Thames (ordination on water is an alternative when a properly bounded location is not available). Ajahn Dr Saddha Tissa (Head of the UK Sangha) was preceptor and Ajahn Sumedho was achariya. Thereafter he spent about a year and a half at the Hampstead Vihara and was part of the pioneer group that did the huge rennovation and reconstruction to begin the temple at Chithurst from 1978/79. In 1981 he was sent to be with Ajahn Chah in Ubon.

From Thailand he went to Vipassana Meditation Center in Moretuwa. He also served as a member of the Elders Committe for 11 years. He is now the spiritual advisor of SewaLanka Foundation. Sewalanka enhances the capacity of rural communities to democratically identify and address their own development needs and provides services that contribute to the economically viable, socially just, and ecologically sustainable development of Sri Lanka.

He has traveled widely to North and South America, Europe and Asia where he has led retreats for the last 30 years.