Buddhadasa Bhikkhu's Three Resolutions

1) To help everyone penetrate to the heart of their own religion;

2) To create mutual good understanding among all religions;

3) To work together to drag the world out of materialism.


Missions of The Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives (BIA)

1) To be a Dhamma learning and edutainment center to help people attain Nibbana;

2) To preserve Buddhism through the works, intentions and ideals of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu to help bring back righteousness, peace of body and mind, and wisdom to mankind through Buddhism, to support mutual understanding among Buddhists, and to help people withdraw from the influence of materialism and become ‘Buddhadasas’ who serve the Buddha by propagating His Dhamma by living the Buddhist way until others appreciate and follow their way of life. In the end, every place will become a ‘Suan Mokkh’, or a good place to attain Nibbana;

3) To collect, maintain and set up a database for original written works by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, to provide support for education, research, development, publication and exchange of Dhamma knowledge, and to organize activities that promote wisdom and strength of mind to the point where one can remain peaceful, calm and useful with the potential to provide help and support in the material world while going beyond it. 


What is Suan Mokkh Bangkok (BIA)?

 A new haven in the heart of the metropolis;

  A Buddhist spiritual cultivation and edutainment center;

 The archives of Buddhadasa Bhikkhu;

  A hub for mutual understanding;

  A good place to attain Nibbana?


RESIDENTIAL RETREATS are not offered at the Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives

Meditation courses in Thai, English, or Russian are possible at the following centers:

- Suan Mokkh International Dharma Hermitage, Chaiya, Surat Thani


- Dipabhavan Meditation Center, Koh Samui Island



FOR MORE INFORMATION about Suan Mokkh and Ajahn Buddhadasa, visit: