SUAN MOKKH is a forest monastery along the coast of Southern Thailand, 600 km from Bangkok. It was founded in 1932 by Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu and grew to become the most innovative and progressive Buddhist teaching center in Siam. Although Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu has passed away, much of his work continues ... As the true Suan Mokkh can only be found within the nature of the silent mind, any attempt to speak of it is virtual, whether in talks, books, or cyberspace.

The Suan Mokkh of Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu may be difficult to find in some of the activities being carried out these days in his name. This should not discourage those who sincerely seek what he sought & taught: the end of suffering through not attaching to anything as “I” or “mine.” To the degree we can put this into practice, we will understand & discover “The Garden of Liberation” for ourselves, both within us and as we help reveal it in whatever place we find ourselves. It isn't necessary to seek Suan Mokkh in the place where Buddhadāsa Bhikkhu once lived. Seek it wherever you are!

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